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Main types of logos

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A logo is a graphic element or emblem representing a company, association, organization, product or individual in a particular way. It should illustrate the corporate identity and carry an idea, a story and a purpose. In the following lines, we will introduce you to a few basic types of logos.


These are logos that are mainly composed of text and are focused on the entire company name. And for this reason, it is very important what font you choose. The logo should convey information without adding images, and the font is responsible to convey the purpose and idea of your brand. Examples of a logo are Coca Cola, Google, Visa.

Lettermark (logo with initials)

A lettermark is a motif constructed by overlapping or combining two or more letters of the organization's name with other abstract figures. Typography is extremely important in this type of logo. The correct font and thickness of the letters must be chosen to make the logo legible. Examples could be CNN, BBC, DKNY, Chanel.

Logo with symbol

Choosing a symbol to represent a business requires a very strong idea and a logical user association for it to become a logo. It is usually switched to when the brand is already recognizable and established among consumers. Examples of such logos are Apple (the bitten apple) and Instagram (the camera).


Most often the mascots are illustrated characters. They are usually colorful, fun and have the function of creating a whole new brand spokesperson. The mascot represents the company with something characteristic of the nature of the work or company story. The Michelin logo is an example. Here, too, attention should be paid to how the mascot would look on different printed materials.

Abstract symbol

It can be a geometric shape, an undefined image that seeks direct or indirect resemblance to something else. It is particularly important to explore user perception to avoid unwanted associations. The advantage is that something completely unique can be created. You don't have to replicate the idea of your business. An example of such a logo is the giant Nike.

Combination symbol

And the last of the types of logos - it is interesting because it is a combination of text and symbol or abstraction, mascot and initials. This type of logo gives both a textual and figurative message at once. As time passes and your brand gains popularity, you can drop the text when making business cards or a separate product. An example might be the Burger King logo.

Logo design offers countless possibilities. It's important to stick to your business story, mission and goals. A logo provides an opportunity to get our message across to consumers.

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