The team behind your digital realization

Newww Design is a digital agency dealing with web design, brand identity, digital marketing and technical support. Our team focuses on the development of personal attitude towards the client, in order to fully develop its business potential.

The team behind your digital realization

За нас - Милко Александров

Milko Aleksandrov

CEO and Founder

Newww Design is a dream come true for memorable digital experiences

Аз и моят екип работим за вас и вашите мечти, защото ние искрено вярваме, че само заедно можем да изградим нашето по-красиво бъдеще. За нашите клиенти - изцяло новият им дизайн - повишаващ доверието на клиентите им и увеличаващ продажбите.За нас - голямата награда:  усмивката на новите ни приятели, които са се убедили, че ние наистина сбъдваме мечти.


All services in one place

Discover everything you need for your digital brand in one place.

Our team of young and ambitious designers, programmers, SEO experts, marketers and mathematicians will realize all your dreams for web transformation into reality, unleashing the potential of your business.

Portfolio created with love

The unique, original design, tailored to the exact target of our customers is our priority.

We know that all people have common interests, views and perspectives on certain aspects of life. Knowing them is the key to working design.

The topical for us and our world

Every day we look for the new. We look to the future and dream.

We love design and follow everything related to it in the world, which motivates us to grow with it, to apply, develop and change it. Be the first to know everything current through our blog.

Taking care of yours digital presence

At Newww Design we strive to make our customers happy.

We like to be useful, which is why we give her the opportunity to book an appointment for a free and non-committal consultation that answers all questions about web realization.

Behind ours logo

Every day we see dozens of logos around us. But do we know what they mean? And do they matter at all?

A good logo is not just a symbol. It must carry a deep idea, history and purpose. In it you should find the basic information about the company.

Now you know what is hidden in our logo.

for us - the meaning of the newww design logo

Криейтив зона

Заповядайте в нашето кътче за креативно презареждане.

Направихме зоната за Вас - нашите клиенти и приятели максимално приятелска, комфортна и лишена от делово усещане.

Докато екипът ни работи по Вашия проект, Вие можете да се насладите на чаша Newww кафе и да проследите прогреса по развитието на Вашия нов дигитален продукт.