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Ensure the safe and secure operation of your website with technical support, which includes continuous monitoring and assistance.

website technical support

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Грешки. скорост, функционалности, съдържание, дизайн... Чрез техническа поддръжка от нас гарантираме да се погрижим за всички елементи на вашия сайт. Получавате непрестанно съдействие, което ще гарантира сигурност и спокойствие на вашия бизнес.

Frequently asked questions

Your website helps your business grow and grow with it. It needs comprehensive care, optimization, making changes, debugging, etc. Your hours for the month can cover exactly these needs, so that you have no commitments. 

Depending on your site - traffic and functionality, as well as your personal preferences, we will provide you with a monthly package with a fixed number of hours in which to have the opportunity to have through us. Throughout the month we carry out comprehensive monitoring of all processes in your website to ensure its smooth operation. 

Each website or online store includes different functionalities and is unique in itself. After a free consultation, we send an individual offer for production. 

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