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The colours and design

Research shows that 93% of consumers would purchase an item influenced solely by the color composition. Here's how primary colors impact in building a design.
the colours and design

How do primary colors impact in building design.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe first developed the concept of the impact of colours. According to him, they are divided into warm and cold and affect both on a physical and mental level.
Colour psychology specialist Liatrice Eismann has done research that shows that we humans associate colours with those in nature. This shows that our brain has stored information about each color. For example, we associate the color blue with the sky and the color green with nature. When designing a website, logo, billboard, book cover or product, care must be taken when selecting colours. Depending on what message we want to leave and what emotions we want to provoke, we combine colours.
In "Colours and Design" we will explain the influence of the six main colours: red, yellow, green, blue, purple and orange. And of course black and white.

Red colour

Emotional color used in history to symbolize triumph, victory. We associate it with anger, blood, passion and fire.
We use it in the design to get the user's attention so they can make quick decisions. As we mentioned in our previous article, it is ideal for use with "Buy Now", "Click Here" buttons. Quite often the colour red is used for logos of food brands or eateries as it whets the appetite. The logos of giants like Coca Cola and McDonalds are a prime example.

Yellow colour

It is associated with the sun, for it evokes a sense of light, warmth and spring. This colour, also, has a warning function and for this it is used on signs and placards. A good example of this is the "Do Not Cross" tape that is used by police officers at crime scenes. In design it is well implemented for children's toys because it creates a sense of carefree. It is for this reason that it should not be used on expensive products, for example for making cars and costumes.

Blue colour

We associate it with sea, ocean, infinity, calm and significance. It has always been a symbol of purity and loyalty. In design, blue is used to advertise high-tech products, products related to cleanliness and airlines. Suggesting stability and calm, it is quite commonly used in pharmaceuticals.

Green colour

The colour of nature, creating a sense of eternal life and hope, calm and easing tension. In design, we see it quite often in advertisements for organic and medical products.

Purple colour

The color symbolizing luxury and nobility. Since it does not occur in nature, it is considered artificial. In design, purple is used in cartoons or children's products.

Orange colour

Created from yellow and red, this color symbolizes strength, warmth, tropics, happiness. It is used in design because it stimulates thought activity and invigorates. Since orange has high visibility, we can use it to highlight a text we consider important. Orange is most often used to advertise food and drink products.An example of this is Fanta and the desire to consume it evokes in consumers.

Black colour

Very formal and prestigious, this colour is used on the most high-end products. Examples are expensive liquor bottles, electrical appliances, cars, suits and dresses. Because it contrasts very well with other colours, it is quite often used as a background for a website or the cover of a printed publication.

White colour

Reminiscent of snow, purity, elegance and faith, this color is used when promoting medical products or high-tech appliances. In web design, white is most often used as a background colour.

Whether you're creating a website or designing for a print publication, you need to know how the colours will impact users. Colors and design are one - when combined correctly, they would contribute to the ideal development of your business.

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