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Online shopping - the benefits of e-shopping

In today's article we will introduce you to the advantages that e-shops provide to retailers.
Online shopping - the benefits of e-shopping

For 2020, according to NSI and BEA data, 83% of Bulgarian citizens have access to the internet. Of these, 31% are people actively using online services to facilitate and support their lives. Online shopping, banking, checking debts, booking tickets for events, ordering food and much more.

But why do they do it?

Online shopping - can be viewed in two ways - benefits for consumers and pros for merchants. In today's article, which we have prepared for you, we will pay attention to the benefits for businesses of online commerce.

Let's go back to the NSI and BEA statistics. For the past year 2020, consumers who shopped online exceeded 1.6 million Bulgarian citizens. The total amount of money spent in the previous year in online stores was over BGN 83 million.

Adding the factor of the changes in our way of life imposed in the last year and a half - social distance, anti-epidemic measures, self-isolation, etc. due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online users have significantly increased as a percentage of society. Today, more than ever, there is a growing awareness of the benefits of online shopping, giving a wide choice and unlimited possibilities to reach a maximum number of consumers.

But what are the real benefits for business?

24/7 working hours

One of the most significant advantages of online trading is that it allows the removal of physical restrictions from working hours. Your online store gives its users the opportunity to search, find and purchase the desired goods at any convenient moment. By having an online store, you remove the commitment of getting up early and not missing out on customers at times when your business is otherwise closed.

New and wider markets

No matter how recognizable, successful and enforced your physical store may be in its respective location, it suffers from a territorial limitation. Unfortunately, retailers are limited to within the people of their respective city and immediately nearby locations. Through the internet and online shopping, we are free. They remove territorial restrictions and connect us with consumers all over the world. No matter where we are located our online store can offer our goods and services to interested buyers.

Cost optimisation

Online trading gives retailers the opportunity to optimise costs. It saves us the rent for a physical store, the cost of its maintenance, the commitment to its arrangement, interior design and numerous staff with their attendant costs. This, in turn, leads to minimized running costs and increased revenue generated. And this is so, thanks to the possibility of 24/7 active trading with users from all over the world.

Full awareness

The online store saves one of the most commonly heard responses from any merchant, "I'm just browsing." Your website gives customers complete information about the goods or services you offer, in the easiest, most pleasant and intuitive way possible. The prices of the products, the material they are made of, their sizes, availability and features are presented to the customers in an unambiguous way. Information about you, your corporate history, mission, vision and goals reaches every interested consumer easily.

Increased confidence

In 2021, if our businesses do not have a strong online presence, they will begin to suffer from reduced consumer trust due to the built-in consumer experience of modern information seeking. Turn to the consumer in yourself. Ask yourself, "How do I most often search for information about goods and services in my life?" Let me guess - your most common method of acquiring new information is the use of search engines ( search engines). Every one of us searches for all kinds of information on a daily basis, most often through Google. We have the habit of trusting , even without previous experience, an online shop offering the product we are looking for, just because it is among the first results offered by Google.

Online trade gives us opportunities, it expands our market, makes it easier to reach new customers, increases the revenue from our business, lowers the cost of its implementation and from the comfort of our home.

The e-shop is no longer an addition to our corporate portfolio. It is the main way to realize our professional dreams.

Enter the online world and we will help you with free consultation for the realization of your dream online store.

More about our service can be found on our one-click webpage here.

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