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Which is the colour of 2022 according to Pantone?

And 2022 already has its own color, bearing a message for us all!

Pantone is an American company known for its colour matching system (Pantone Matching System). According to a long-standing tradition, the Pantone Institute announces at the end of the year which will be the colour for the next year. The research and information institute has been doing this for 22 years. According to the colour of 2020 was Pantone 19-4052 "Classic Blue" , and 2021 was a combination of Illuminating and Ultimate Grey. The color of 2022 was 17-3938 Very Peri.


Very Peri is a colour combined from the calm blue and the activity of red. It is a symbol of the dynamically changing world and the future. For the first year, the colour of 2022 has been invented and created by Pantone, rather than chosen from existing colours in their palette. This is because, according to Pantone Color Institute Director Leatrice Eisman, they now have a new vision for the world. And the color of the year is chosen according to what is happening, what excites people, the global change in the online world and the way of life. Very Peri should contribute to break out of isolation and fill the world with optimism.

"With the growing popularity of the meta universe and the rise of the creative community in the digital space, Veri Peri shows how color trends in the digital world manifest in the real world. And vice versa," Pantone researchers published their claim.

Sources: Pantone

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